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Jill I Gostin

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Georgia Institute of Technology


Jill I. Gostin

Senior Research Scientist

Sensors and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory

Radar Systems Division


Master of Science, Applied Mathematics:  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA  1989

Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics Major:  Greenville College, Greenville, IL 1985

Employment History


  • Senior Research Scientist, 2007-Present
  • Part-Time Technical Advisor, 1995-2007
  • Research Scientist I and II, 1985-1995

Experience Summary

Current work at GTRI is focused on software test and evaluation, including requirements analysis and risk management.  Recent work has included testing and assessment of components of the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Command, Control, Battle Management, & Communications (C2BMC) system,  modeling the front end of a radar system in a computer simulation, and investigating the feasibility of developing a ground moving target indicator (GMTI) Image Interpretability Rating Scale and an associated Image Quality Equation. Past work includes implementation and testing of target detection software for radar and sonar systems, including but not limited to polarimetric, high-range resolution, spatial phase resonance, and fractal techniques. Also developed an acoustic target and environment simulation, which was used to test potential detection systems, and analyzed the susceptibility and vulnerability of a weapon system to electronic counter measures.

Current Fields of Interest

Requirements analysis; software verification and validation; test planning and Design of Experiments; development of a rating scale and associated Quality Equation for GMTI systems; stationary target detection techniques; automatic target recognition.

Professional Affiliations/Service

  • Board of Governors, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society (CS)
  • IEEE CS Representative on the IEEE Sensors Council
  • Senior Member, IEEE
  • IEEE Region 3 Awards and Recognitions Chair
  • IEEE-USA Awards Committee member
  • IEEE-MGA Awards Committee member
  • Project Lead, IEEE Region 3 Volunteer Integration Process Project
  • Past Chair IEEE Atlanta Section, Jan 1 2012-Dec 2013, assorted other Section-level positions
  • Past Chair, IEEE Atlanta Computer Society Chapter, Aug 2012-Dec 2013
  • General Chair, Atlanta Metro Area Workshop 2013
  • Administrative Chair, IEEE RadarCon 2012
  • Tutorials Chair, IEEE SoutheastCon 2009
  • Paper Reviewer, IEEE Software Technology Conference 2013
  • Paper Reviewer, Christian Engineering Conference 2013

Lectured in Short Courses

  • Polarimetric Radar Technology
  • Radar Digital Signal Processing
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Basic Radar and Testing Fundamentals

Major Reports and Publications

  1. “C2BMC Spiral 8.2 Algorithm Readiness Level 6 Report,” Critical Design Review Report, Contract HQ014710D0050-0008, July 2013, coauthor.
  2. “Silent Knight Radar (SKR) Program Management Support,” Final Technical Report, Contract GS-10F-0187T, D5818, October 2011, coauthor.
  3. “RADAR Moving Target Indication Interpretability Rating Scale (MTIIRS), Phase II,” Final Technical Report, Contract AGR DTD 9/24/07, A-5922, November 2010, coauthor.
  4.   “Electronic Protection Initiatives (EPI) Program Task Order 0014: Passive Coherent Radar,” Final Technical Report, Contract AFRL-F33615-02-D-1125, A-7842, September 2009, coauthor.
  5. “Development of a Rating Scale and Quality Equation for GMTI Systems,” Tri-Service Radar Symposium 2009, June 2009, coauthor.
  6.  “Electronic Protection Initiatives (EPI) Program Task Order 0015: Naval Surface RadarSupport (NSRS),” Final Technical Report, Contract AFRL-F33615-02-D-1125, A-8003, March 2009, coauthor.
  7. “MTI Interpretability Rating Scale (MTIIRS),” Final Technical Report, Contract AGR DTD 9/24/07, D-5546, June 2008, coauthor.
  8.  “Electronic Protection Initiatives (EPI) Program Task Order 0013: Naval Electronic System Assessment (NESA),” Final Technical Report, Contract AFRL-F33615-02-D-1125, A7825, November 2007, coauthor.
  9. “Fractal Geometry Techniques Applied to Low Frequency Active Sonar Technology,” Interim Technical Report, Contract N00039-89-C-0001, Subcontract 605770-0, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology, August 1993, coauthor.
  10. “Fractal Geometry Techniques Applied to Low Frequency Active SONAR Technology,” Final Technical Report, A9231, 1993, coauthor.
  11.  “Combat ID System Program Support,” Final Technical Report, A-8803, March 1992, coauthor.
  12. “Two Methods of Fractal Dimension Computation Applied to Millimeter Wave Radar Stationary Target Detection,” 16th International Conference on IR and MMW, August 1991, author.
  13. “Research in Acoustics and Noise Control: Low Frequency, Long Range Acoustic Propagation Prediction Subroutine,” A-8612 Final Technical Report, July 1991, coauthor.
  14. “Simulation Measurement & Test Support for EW/RSTA Center – A.T.E.S. User’s Manual,” A-8595 Technical Report, July 1991, author.
  15. “Simulation Measurement & Test Support for EW/RSTA Center,” Final Technical Report, A-8595, July 1991, coauthor.
  16. “Fractal Interpolation of Radar Signatures for Detecting Stationary Targets in Ground Clutter,” IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems Magazine, July 1991, author.
  17. “Fractal Interpolation for Radar Signatures for Detection Stationary Targets in Ground Clutter,” National Telesystems Conference Proceedings, April 1991, author.
  18. “Combat ID Support Non-Imaging Sensor Development Program Support,” Final Technical Report, A-8345, March 1990, coauthor.
  19. “Development and Testing of Seeker Discrimination Algorithms,” Final Technical Report, A-8179, January 1990, coauthor.
  20. “Application of Fractal Geometry Techniques to MMW Radar Detection of Stationary Targets,” 14th International Conference on IR and MMW, November 1989, coauthor.
  21. “Performance Prediction of a Fully Polarimetric, Coherent Seeker,” Polarimetric Technology Workshop, August 1988, coauthor.
  22. “Analytical Studies of Target and Clutter Data,” Final Technical Report, A-4488, December 1988, coauthor.
  23. “Detection/Discrimination Algorithm Investigations for the MLRS/TGW Seeker,” Final Technical Report, A-4798, May 1988, coauthor.
  24. “Performance of MLRS/TGW Seeker Candidate Detection and Discrimination Algorithms,” Final Technical Report, A-4729, April 1988, coauthor.
  25. “Improved FIREFINDER ECM/ESM Susceptibility and Vulnerability Analysis (U): Parametric ECM/ESM Analysis Part 2: ESM Analysis (U),” Final Technical Report, A-4943, April 1988, coauthor.
  26. “Improved FIREFINDER ECM/ESM Susceptibility and Vulnerability Analysis (U),” Intermediate Report, A-4943, November 1987, coauthor.
  27. “Discrimination of Targets from Snow Using Full-Polarization, Frequency-Agile MMW Radar Techniques,” Final Technical Report, A-4519, March 1987, coauthor.
  28. “Tower-Based Snow MMW Measurements – General Results and Comparison with Pulsed Airborne Measurements,” Snow VI Symposium, CRREL, Hanover, NH, August 1986, coauthor.

Other Service

  • GTRI Awards Council Chair, 2014-2015
  • GTRI Awards Council Member, 2012-2013
  • Georgia Institute of Technology, elected member, General Faculty Assembly, 2009-2012
  • Girl Scout Troop Leader, 2008-2011
  • Board of Directors, Acworth United Methodist Church Preschool, 2009-2012



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